Siren City Pipe Band
Youth Piping & Drumming

Fall 2o24 Semester Registration Open Now
Classes start Monday, September 9, 2024

Siren City Pipe Band Youth Piping & Drumming instills the values of teamwork, leadership, and musicianship in the next generation of pipers and drummers in Hampton Roads. Students 8 to 18 will have the opportunity to go from zero experience to playing members of Siren City Pipe Band, learning either the bagpipes or Scottish-style snare drum from members of Virginia’s premier pipe band.

Lessons occur weekly on Monday nights from 6-8PM at Norfolk’s Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

How long does the program last, and what's next?

Everyone learns at a different pace, but we work hard to accommodate different learning styles and speeds. Expect the curriculum to last six months, but some musicians may excel, while others take longer.

As the student progresses, they will be transitioned into our entry-level competitive team, Siren City Pipe Band – Grade 5, where they will continue they’re learning in a pipe band setting, compete, and grow as musicians. Learn more about our entry-level competition team here

When do they get to perform?

Once the student has completed the initial program and has joined the competition team, they will perform at various functions throughout the year, such as community events, parades, concerts, and competitions. 

What is the time commitment for Youth Piping & Drumming?

Sessions will occur weekly and attendance is expected so that musicians don’t not miss important instruction. Practice outside of weekly classes is also important. Every student learns at a different pace, and it is our goal to provide new musicians with the tools necessary to excel, but progressing at their instrument will require consistent, daily practice.

Do I need to play an instrument or read music to join?

No! This program is designed to teach all the skills necessary to participate in a pipe band.

Do I need to purchase an instrument?

The program will provide the necessary instruments for the musician to get started. Typically, a band will provide an instrument for drummers, while pipers supply their own instrument. However, purchasing a set of bagpipes is discouraged at first, and instructors should be consulted before students acquire their own instrument.

What age is best for starting to learn?

Musicians begin learning at all ages, however, this program is designed for learners 8 to 18. 

How much does the program cost?

Registration for the Spring 2024 class is $200. The student will be given a practice chanter or drumsticks and practice pad, as well as educational materials throughout the program. This fee secures state-of-the-art instruction for the duration of the curriculum, and is non-refundable. All instructors are volunteers, and program costs go directly to educational expenses.

Can we register at a later date?

The program is progressive and is tailored to group learning. Entries are not accepted after the start date of a session, but there will be future start dates that the student can begin with the program.

Who are the instructors for the program?

Students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from various members of Siren City Pipe Band. However, the program is led by Pipe Sergeant Chaz Stuart, with drumming instruction led by Drum Sergeant, Andrew West.

Where is the program held?

Monday night instruction (6-8PM) occurs at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 201 St. Paul’s Blvd in Downtown Norfolk.

Important Contact Information

Ian Strawser
Registration Point-of-Contact


Chaz Stuart,
Director of Youth Education Programs, Piping Instructor


Andrew West,
Associate Director of Drumming Instruction