Our Story

The founding members of Siren City heeded the call for a new pipe band in the Highland tradition in Norfolk and Southeastern Virginia. Good company, strong drinks, and an insatiable appetite for pipe band culture took wave to the idea of starting a band that strives for excellence and community connection.

Inspired by Norfolk’s nautical heritage, art, and culture, Siren City Pipe Band proudly embraces the iconic mermaid for her mystical gift of song. The Band’s approach will lure and captivate audiences with professional musical performances by good-hearted people.

We strive to tear down the boundaries which limit expressivity, talent, and inspiration, without diminishing the value of tradition. The Band celebrates inclusivity and diversity, and collaborates and engages with the local community to enrich, educate, and entertain.

Siren City Pipe Band is recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a charitable organization, and is pursuing Federal 501(c)(3) status. The Band directly serves the local communities of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, USA and beyond.

Continuing Objective

Siren City Pipe Band invites aspiring and established musicians to continue the unique musical art form of Highland bagpiping and drumming. We are dedicated to providing a progressive and competitively determined musical organization, while ensuring a sense of community and passion for entertainment. The prominent enthusiasm for bagpipe and drum music resonates in all our members, supporters, and viewers.

Artwork by @shannonstonertattoo